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Ontario ATV & UTV (side by side) Safety Training Courses

Requiring Safety Training for ATV (Quad), UTV (SSV - sidexside), ARGO, Snowmobile or Trailering in Ontario?

In association with Canada Safety Council (CSC), Redline Outdoors Inc. has been certifed to provide the Student Training for the individual certification or the Instructor Training - TTT (Train the Trainer), for both the recreational riders or the Commercial / Industrial Work Sectors compliancy across Canada. Become a CSC Certifified ATV Safety Instructor and start a training location in your area.

Redline Outdoors has a “full time” Rider Safety Training location in Cambridge Ontario, centrally located between Toronto, London and Hamilton. Training can also be arranged at the clients location if needed anywhere across Canada.

In Canada, the four provinces of Québec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island require mandatory Rider Safety Training for all ATV. British Columbia and Alberta has mandatory Rider Safety Training for the Industrial & Commercial sector. The majority of the Rider Safety Training across Canada is accredited to the CSC

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario -

Section 25 (2) (a) - requires employers to provide instruction to workers.

Industrial Reg. 851 Sect 54(1)(d)- requires operators of mobile equipment to be competent

Construction Reg. 213 Sect 96 (1) - requires vehicles to operated by a competent person

The CSC Rider Safety Training course provides the employer and employee the necessary training to meet the requirements above.

Contact us for details should your organization require updating their Health and Safety Policies / Procedures for use of any All Terrain Vehicles & Utility Vehicles. Upon completing the course, students will receive the CSC Certificate of Completion and will be registered for future updates.

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We in Ontario have a responsibility to our children, employees and ourselves to ensure the Safe and Responsible operation of all recreational equipment.


Individual Student Training is only one day in length, and covers everything from Introduction to the course pre-ride inspection, controls, riding strategies, turning riding circles, emergency stops and swerves, winching, loading, securing and more. Individuals and will be provided with (upon successful completion) a Canada Safety Council Certification, student handbook, pamphlet and decals.

Instructor Training for ATV, UTV and Snowmobile courses are 5 days in length each if done separately. Instructor candidates will be provided with (upon successful completion) the Canada Safety Council Instructor Certificate, instructor materials and teaching techniques, range management, coaching, evaluating and required administrative duties.

They will also have a number of course assignments, micro-teaching assignments and knowledge tests throughout the week. Teaching new students on the last day will be included in the new instructor trainee's last evaluation.

A limited quantity of ATV, UTV and Snowmobile rentals can be provided on site.

At Redline Outdoors Inc. Safety is our first priority; make it yours too!!

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